(You) + (Us) = Our Vision

What Is the State of Today’s World?

Technology [including ‘internet of things’ and soon to be ‘internet of everything’, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Social Media, Crowd Sourcing to name a few] is changing how we communicate with each other at an unprecedented rate, faster than ever before in our human history. It is displacing traditional [and effective] communication methods (i.e. live conversations and calls) with texts, chats, likes, follows, thumbs ups, reposts, shares, comments, icons, images, gifs, photos, videos, etc. None of those “new ways” constitute real communication. While they do serve a major purpose and offer us convenience, they lack an important “element”: that is individuality, tonality and emotions of a real human voice. It’s not a surprise that in today’s highly “connected” world we often miscommunicate, misinterpret, get offended, add unnecessary meanings, and often engage in what feels like conflicts versus productive, fun and engaging conversations.

What Happens If That Continues?

If we continue on this path of “convenience” and avoidance of actual one-on-one and group live interactions, the gap of miscommunication will only continue to widen, further pulling us apart and damaging our relationships one missed/avoided conversation or one text, like, chat at a time. While we often get good at avoiding people in our personal lives, in business and professional spheres, you actually have to face people every day. And that’s where things get awkward and often go sideways: we simply don’t know how to have a dialogue with each other; we don’t know how to confront a problem or an issue without making excuses, shifting blame and avoiding taking responsibility; we don’t know how to disagree and dispute without hurting our opponents; we don’t know how to negotiate without making ultimatums and posing threats; we don’t know how to enroll others to help us; we don’t know how to make powerful requests; we get all weird when we get a ‘no’; we don’t know how to debate without insults and getting personal; we don’t know how to engage someone to actually listen to us and pay attention; bottom line, we don’t know how to effectively communicate with real people. If this trend continues and we don’t take time to develop our communication skills, improve our emotional intelligence, learn how to listen and how to ask better questions, we are doomed to have a dysfunctional life, teams, businesses, communities, and society as a whole.

Our Vision.

At Gambit Solutions, we are solving this problem by coaching people on the essentials of effective communication. We help people truly understand the powers and weaknesses of language. We assist those who are bold enough to experience what transformation feels like to come from behind themselves, face their fears and step into the new state of effective “being”, “living” and “creating”.

We see the world where people don’t need to fight, don’t need to argue, don’t need to persuade or force an outcome. We see the world where a productive dialogue simply gets things done, gets you more of what you want without manipulation, holding back or telling white lies. We see the world where regardless of your culture, background, religion, ethnicity, language – we can all effectively communicate and get things done instead of wasting our precious time and energy on office politics, water cooler talks and gossip. 

You and Us are responsible for creating such world and the good news is that it’s rather simple, but not easy. You just have to try it for yourself. Your future self will thank you and that, we promise.